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Updated: Jan 5

Welcome to My Blog!

I was attending a Lenten Fish fry in 2022 when Kathy, the parish coordinator at my church, Christ the King, asked me if I was interested in writing once a month on the 2nd Sunday gospel reading for the church bulletin. In the past few years I had submitted my writings for publication in the quarterly church magazine, and I guess someone liked them enough to consider me for the bulletin. There are 3 other people covering the rest of the month. Two of them, Robbie and Jon, I know. Robbie just retired from teaching writing for over 30 years at Belmont University, and is also a spiritual director. Jon runs the adult faith formation at church, has a PhD in religion and a MA in theology, and then there is me. Needless to say I feel a little out of my league. I don't read their essays for fear it will psyche me out. I figure my essays are the average persons speed.I'm not going to wow you with my writing prowess like Robbie, or wax on about a theological point like Jon could do. I'll just tell you what came to me after reflecting on the gospel for that Sunday.

My guess is that I'm probably getting more out of writing this than the people reading my essays. Typically, I would hear the readings at mass, maybe the priest would say something interesting about the reading in the homily and then I wouldn't give the reading much thought. Having to read and then write about the passage for an audience has forced me to contemplate what is being said, and how it relates to my life. I often wonder if this is God's humorous way of making me read the Bible.

How it works

I have a link to each 2nd Sunday gospel that accompanies each essay. It's helpful to read the gospel first because often I will pull only a phrase or sentence from the gospel and comment on it. I'm happy to get feedback, so feel free to leave a comment.

Hope you enjoy my posts and that it adds something positive to your day.

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